The blog and the journalism

I’m  a new-blogger and  I desire to make some considerations about the blog as a sort of  on-line diary.

I start speaking about  the job of the journalist.

I think that the activity of the journalist  substantially is  to offer news.

I think not being away from the truth when I affirm that in the substance of the things to make journalism is to speak about others people, about facts and events that can be interest to the others.

Journalism is something that is reported to the others.

We are six billion people, events every second happens, you  can report about the past, the present and the future. I believe that material to make journalism exists in abundance.

Perhaps for this reason the Citizen Journalism will be more and more successful.

Reporting me to the blog, for his nature a sort on-line diary, I make this question: to speak of ourselves, to speak of the things that happen but reporting these to ourselves,

to be “Home Journalist” and not “Citizen journalist”  is it simple or difficult?

Now I am not able to give an answer. Of course I will find it in the progress time.

Maurizio Romio

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