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The origins of the families of Romio in Costabissara


Which are the origins of Romio’s Families at  Costabissara?


Before we delve into this topic we can try to answer to the following question:

What is the origin of the surname Romio?


We can assume that the name Romio was originally linked  to the city of Rome with the meaning "I come from Rome, I am a citizen of Rome."

In ancient Greece the name “Rhomaios” (Rhom-ios) was used to indicate a person who lived or that came from Rome.

“Romioi”, namely Roman, “Romios”, if we refer  to the individual, were called the inhabitants of Constantinople, that for a period of history was  the capital of the Roman Empire.

It can therefore be assumed that the name Romio finds its origins in the ancient city of Rome.

But we leave now the past.

We return to our days, to our local reality….we leave the ancient Rome and  we come back to the beautiful country of  the province of  Vicenza called Costabissara.

When did Romio’s Families  reach Costabissara?

The so-called "soca" of Romio at Costabissara, dialect term which indicates the base of the tree made up of a part of the trunk and  roots, consists of Ermenegildo Romio (born 1888) and his wife Ermelinda Minati (born 1889), reached Costabissara in 1932 from neighbouring village of Montemezzo of Sovizzo.

Ermenegildo and Ermelinda  gave birth to ten children…


Ermenegildo Romio
with his wife Ermelinda Minati
children Giuseppe and Emilia



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